Where we were in 2014


Welcome to the new Dereham Town Pastors web site. Following the demise of the Dereham Street Pastors, three of its original members decided to try and get a Christian presence back on the streets of Dereham to interact with and care for the local young adult population of Dereham. They contacted the Town Pastors Organisation in Suffolk to see if it would be possible to join their organisation and were welcomed with open arms.


Appeals were then sent out to all the local churches to see if there was sufficient interest to form a Management Committee to run the new scheme. As a result of that appeal ten people volunteered to help set up and run the new scheme.


Following an inaugural visit by two members of the Suffolk organisation to outline the initial requirements of joining, e.g. the cost of training and equipment, what protocols had to be followed and what permission were required, the committee set to work. A Governing Constitution has been produced and submitted to both Dereham and Breckland Councils for approval. The Norfolk Police have been approached and they have approved the setting up of the scheme and will in due course be asked to consider the Protocols relating to the work that the Town Pastors and allowed to do and what they are not allowed to do. Although the Town Pastors are independent of the police they do have to have a working relationship.


It is hoped that once the two Councils have approved the Constitution that a signing ceremony can take place at one of the town’s churches so that the dream of Town Pastors being out on the streets once more will at last become a reality. Following this signing ceremony the web site can start to use the official Town Pastors, Recruitment, Training and Fundraising can begin in earnest.


Town Pastors can be used to carry out two different roles. There are those who go out on the streets and those who provide prayer support, either at a central location or from home. Pastors do not go out on the streets unless this prayer support is in place. So although they are not as visible as the walkers their role is vitally important. If you feel that you would be interested in filling either of these roles or would like more information please contact us via the email link below in the first instance.


We ask for your prayerful support in forming the new Dereham Town Pastors and look forward to seeing you out and about as we start our fundraising efforts.

Links to existing Town Pastor Groups can be found on the site menu and a copy of the Constitution can also be found there.