Background History

Town Pastors are Christian volunteers from local churches who will be out in the town centre of Dereham on two Friday afternoons and one Friday night per month, being a positive influence on the streets and providing help and support to vulnerable people.

In addition, there is the Prayer Team: some people pray at the base in town and others pray at home.


The Dereham Baptist Church

Have led the initiative to form

"The Dereham Town Pastors"

A member of the Wellspring Family Centre

has agreed to chair the new committee.

Trinity Methodist Church

These five Dereham churches have made the commitment to be active in their support and care for people whatever their circumstances, their age, or whether they have faith or not in the Dereham Community.

On the launch of Dereham Town Pastors in 2016, a letter of support from the Dereham Police Commander said:

   We [Dereham Police] have established a really good working relationship with the Dereham Town Pastors; one I look forward to continuing and supporting in the future.

We liaise closely to help the Pastors target appropriate areas; the team offer a very valuable and reassuring presence to young people in the town. It is an initiative that helps maintain Dereham as a safe town to live and work in for all ages, and, importantly, to help reduce fear of crime.

I hope their service can continue and wish them every continued success with their important and valued work."

All the best and kindest regards,


Inspector Jon Papworth
Local Policing Commander Breckland North Dereham Swaffham Watton
Norfolk Constabulary
Dereham Police Station

If YOU do as well why not get involved?