What We Do



    Town Pastors patrol in pairs, twice a month on Friday afternoons and once a month from 10p.m. to 2a.m. on a Friday night. The patrols, in their bright pink high visibility waistcoats are well received and recognised by the general public in Dereham town and on the Rec. Each patrol is supported by a prayer team based at a local church and at home. The Town Pastors carry bottles of water, chocolate bars, lollipops, tissues, space blankets and other useful items to hand out where necessary. Here are just some of the ways Town Pastors make a real difference:

           Chatting to vulnerable adults who are often on the streets and                                     ignored by most people and listening to their concerns.

            Getting alongside people in the town and youngsters on the  Rec.


            Defusing volatile situations in town.

            Helping distressed, intoxicated young and not so young people get                              home safely.

             Signposting people to other organisations who can help them.

             Generally helping the public in practical ways and making our                                  town a safer and pleasant place to live in.

One of our Friday night regular Street Pastors says:

    "One thing that stands out is how misunderstood the young people, the homeless and the addicts are, All these groups feel that they are 'profiled, lablelled and stigmatized'. Young people congregate and socialise and become boisterous but are not, in most cases, being anti-social. The homeless would love a home and the addicts want to be "clean". They feel that social services let them down for whatever reason and I've found that rejection is a big emotional / social problem. Just getting to know these people, building relationships and showing that someone cares and is a listening ear and most of all, will not pre-judge them, seems to calm any rejection fuelled rebelliousness, which, unfairly and unfortunately, is usually reserved for any form of uniform or authority figure. On our "shift" we provide a presence outside the Metro and have built a rapport with the management and staff and with the pub next door and find when people become drunk and emotional they seem to want to pour out all their troubles to us (yes - even big butch squaddies!). To be able to help people in need in some way is very rewarding and I wish I could do it more often. I would like to thank any past town pastors on whom our good reputation is founded, to enable us to be accepted by people who would normally be un-approachable."

Dereham Town Pastors need more volunteers.

       To make this Christian outreach effort sustainable, we need more volunteers to train up to go out on the streets. All new recruits will have training and the chance to go out as an observer before they commit to the training.

Town Pastors

Working in pairs, wearing bright pink jackets and headgear, out in Dereham town on Friday afternoons and evenings. A positive influence on the streets and providing help and support to vulnerable people.

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Base Prayers

Meet at the Town Pastors base in Dereham to pray whilst the patrol is out, to keep in close touch and provide them with refreshments. The prayer team are a vital part of the Town Pastor Patrol.

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Home Prayers

Are part of the team who pray at home. The Base Prayer Team keeps in close touch with them whilst the patrol is out to enable the Home Prayer to connect with the needs of people who are met on Dereham streets, Home Prayers are often people who are more housebound but still want to be involved in the vital work.

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Use the link below or contact the Dereham Town Administrator

Tricia Waller direct on 0794 149 2020